It has taken six years of fine tuning to get the recipes right for the new Pembrokeshire Cheese Company cheddars.

Mark Jenkins, of the cheese development team at Haverfordwest Cheese Factory said: "Six years ago we found a recipe that we thought was right. We spent the last six years perfecting it and now we have three premium cheeses that we think are what the customers want."

Tina Beckett, cheese quality manager for First Milk has tasted the cheeses throughout their development and advised the team on ensuring the best quality cheddar is produced for the brand.

She said: "This is our chance to show the cheese is good. We wanted the very best of a recipe that was already award winning and to build on what the creamery was good at, but take it to the next level.

"We are now responsible for choosing how we want the cheese to taste rather than someone dictating to us and I believe it's a very good product."