PEMBROKE Dock Autograss competitior Donna Brown has just completed a superb year in which she captured a national title.

In September, Donna, 28, was crowned Class 3 National Champion at the Ladies National Championships in Thornborough, Yorkshire Dales.

Donna has also finished second overall in the British Autograss Series this year to round off an amazing 2015 season.

Donna, a member of the South Wales Autograss League, has been involved in the sport since she was a youngster. Her dad, Viv Cole, has competed for many years after following Donna’s grandfather, Haydn Cole. Donna’s uncle, Darrell Cole, also races.

“I always wanted to have a go and finally in 2008 my dad gave in and let me have a racing licence," explained Donna.

"As soon as I got behind the wheel for the first time, I absolutely loved it. The adrenaline was amazing!”

Donna and her father share the same car but Donna races with the ladies and her dad with the men.

Over the years Donna has competed at many events including theBritish Autograss Series, UK Championships and the Ladies National Championships. She has won many trophies for finishing in top four positions and in 2009 finished second at the ladies' nationals.

“Every year I have wanted to beat this position but never had the luck until this year.

The 2015 event was a two day meeting with three heats and a final. After the first day, Donna was top qualifier with two wins out of two.

Then on the second day, Donna was second qualifier going into the final, and went on to finish victorious.

“I did not expect my dream of being National Champion to come true," she admitted.

“I couldn’t do this hobby without such a supportive family," she added.

"My dad puts a lot of hard work, time and money into preparing and making sure the car is on top form for us both. My husband Adam Brown is so supportive and enjoys spending hours in the garage and the pits and keeping everything tip top at race meetings.

"And my mum Kathryn Cole plays a huge part as she looks after our girls (Ellie-May, five and Olivia, one) so that I can race. I can’t thank them all enough because none of this would be possible without all their advice and support.”

And to complete a great family year, Viv himself won the Grass Track Grand Prix in Northampton last month.