The Trots have been busy preparing for marathons and longer races this spring - and their results have been testament to their hard work.

Many runners took part in the London Marathon in April, as Mike Evans excelled finishing 372nd overall with a time of two hours 45 minutes. The runners who gained London 2012 medals were Richard Phillips, Jason Dickinson, Andrew Russell, Lindy Eynon, Kevin Griffiths, Tim John, Chris Birch, Mike Evans, Jack Tremlett, Elizabeth Goodwin-Jones, Mary Bowen-Rees, Caroline Jones, Sally Wilson and Ron Anthony.

Also, Oona Crawford and Pauline Thomas travelled to Edinburgh to complete the Edinburgh Marathon in May. Their times of four hours 23 minutes and five hours nine minutes were very respectable, especially given the hilly terrain. Not content with a mere marathon, Andrea Brabrook competed in the Cardiff Ultra 50 miles challenge and completed the course in ten hours and 56 minutes.