Saturday, June 23rd

Division 1: Llangwm (3pt) 74-AO lost to Carew (27pt) 77-2 by 8 wkts; Cresselly (8pt) match aband’d Haverfordwest (10pt) 223-6; Whitland (15pt) 181-9 match aband’d Lawrenny (15pt) 135-6; Narberth (11pt) 48-2 match aband’d Neyland (12pt) 143-6; St Ishmaels (10pt) 46-4 match aband’d Saundersfoot (14pt) 175-4.
Division 2: Haverfordwest II (16pt) 152-6 match aband’d Cresselly II (12pt) 71-8; Burton (10pt) 27-1 match aband’d Johnston (12pt) 197-7; Carew II (9pt) match aband’d Llanrhian (10pt) 190-8; Herbrandston (11pt) 106-AO match aban’d Pembroke (13pt) 43-2; Hook (11pt) 30-1 match aband’d Whitland II (11pt) 148-7.
Division 3: Crymych (12pt) 184-6 match aband’d Lamphey (10pt) 4-1; Llechryd (12pt) 26-6 match aband’d Llangwm II (13pt) 96-AO; Fishguard and Gk (4pt) 105-AO lost to Narberth II (28pt) 106-3 by 7 wkts; Johnston II (10pt) 10-0 match aband’d Pembroke Dock (12pt) 183-6; Haverfordwest III (5pt) 98-AO lost to Stackpole (28pt) 99-4 by 6 wkts.
Division 4: Saundersfoot II (12pt) 167-8 match aband’d Burton II (13pt) 63-0; Llanrhian II (12pt) 135-8 match aband’d Carew II (11pt) 21-2; Camrose and Spittal (4pt) 56-AO lost to Cresselly III (28pt) 114-7 by 58 runs; Hundleton (10pt) 101-AO match aband’d Hook II (13pt) 30-0; St Clears (28pt) beat Kilgetty (4pt) 96-AO by 8 wkts.
Division 5: St Florence (3pt) 61-AO lost to Camrose and Spittal II (27pt) 64-2 by 8 wkts Lawrenny II (14pt) 91-5 match aband’d Haverfordwest IV (12pt) 116-9; Pembroke II (26pt) 59-3 beat Herbrandston II (2pt) 55-AO by 7 wkts; Neyland II (26pt) 37-0 beat Narberth III (1pt) 34-AO by 10 wkts; Pembroke Dock II (5pt) 127-8 lost to St Ishmaels II (28pt) 128-2 by 8 wkts.
Division 6: Llanrhian III 94pt) 92-9 lost to Burton III 927pt) 93-2 by 8 wkts; Lamphey II (12pt) 158-AO match aband’d Crymych II (13pt) 48-1; Stackpole II (29pt) 127-9 beat Hundleton II (7pt) 98-AO by 29 runs; Llechryd II no fixture.