William Kenneth Arlow

William Kenneth Arlow The family of William Kenneth Arlow wish to extend their gratitude to relatives, friends and neighbours for their wonderful love and support and for the compassionate correspondence received following Kens passing on the 3rd January. Sincere thanks is expressed to those who attended Ken's funeral, whilst mindful of people who could not attend but were with the family in thought. Equal thanks is extended to the Doctors, Paul Satori and Prestige Care for the exceptional support and attention afforded to Ken. Gratitude is extended to Father Paul Davies for his gentle compassion, support and conducting the funeral service. Notice is also shared for Tom Newing and Sons Ltd for their kind guidance and directing the funeral service. All concerned parties ensured the family were exceptionally supported during this challenging time. A final thank you to the friends and neighbours who continue to demonstrate true friendship to Ken's wife, Shirley after her sons, David and Simon returned to their respective homes. Such assuring support means more than mere words can truly express.