VANDALS have struck at the Teifi Marshes Nature Reserve for the third time this year, the latest attack leading to a fire.

Wildlife officer Nia Stephens said it started with minor damage to the boardwalks and resulted in a serious fire that destroyed a popular curlew hide.

“The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales looks after the reserve as a charity and when things like this happen, time and money have to be diverted from the important nature conservation work to repair the damage," she said.

“The scale of the damage and lack of care is another indicator of how disengaged people are from what happens at Teifi Marshes.

“I would like to meet the people who have done this damage and show them the effect it has on other local people who do enjoy the wildlife.”

The Nature Reserve is now inviting the vandals to come and experience one of their events.

Nia said: “I honestly believe that if the people responsible got to experience the incredible wildlife they would come to love it too and would not damage these important local resources.”

The Wildlife Trust launched its ‘My Wildlife’ campaign on March 2. It recognises the growing gap between people and nature, and aims to address the importance of nature to our ever day lives. Sir David Attenborough is in full support to the campaign. He said: "No one will protect what they don’t care about; and no one will care about what they have never experienced."