WORLD class guitarist Richard Durrant presents his musical celebration of midsummer in a short series of solo concerts and arrives in Narberth on Thursday, June 6.

Richard will be visiting venues in England and Wales where audiences can hear J S Bach’s 3rd Cello Suite played in its entirety on the ukulele, British folk melodies played on Tenor Guitar and a number of Durrant originals on concert guitar.

Richard says: “I want to use these gigs to explore the real meaning of midsummer – and surely there’s no better way to do this than playing music and meeting people”.

Last year Richard cycled his concerts from the cathedral on Orkney all the way to the Sussex coast, including a live performance on BBC Radio 3 from the center of Sherwood Forest.

He also released his first double album Stringhenge, The Richard Durrant Orchestra gave its debut performance and Richard played ukulele for Prince Charles’ birthday at Buckingham Palace.

“People don’t tend to stop for midsummer, but I still hope to bring a moment of stillness and peace to people as we live through the very centre of the year and experience the summer solstice together,” he said.

Tickets for the gig at Bethesda Chapel are available on 01834 869323.