REVIEW: Broken-Lines, ‘Liberation’ CD

Broken-Lines is Mark Briscoe, Jack Jackson, and David Wellan. They’ve released an album, ‘Liberation’, ten self-penned tracks, available as a hard copy and on the usual platforms.

This is an outstanding album, head and shoulders above the democracy of mediocracy that passes for the usual ‘rock’ release; chocker with a myriad influences, enough to convulse a cogitating critic cad, influences drawn from the band members’ past experiences, exploits, and excitations.

It’s difficult to perceive where its brilliance ends and its lunacy begins. Suffice to say its suffused with a collective pneuma or ysbryd.

Band members have played all over the UK in a variety of guises – from supporting New Model Army to playing skiffle at Vic Reeves’ comedy nights – and have been part of the Pembrokeshire music scene as essential components of Sendelica, The Ray Guns, and Bikini Red.

They describe their music as “upbeat and energetic music with punk, rock, psychedelic and just about anything else that influences us! We play for the love and enjoyment of music”.

Well that’s apparent. Take the track ‘Plain To See’, lurking in the middle of the batting order, a song other bands would have made their big hitting opener.

It has dub echoes, punk ethos, a cracked Love-like-nod-to-psychedelia guitar motif, driving drums, locked in the groove bass, relentless riffola, topped with gleaming hundreds and thousands, a kandy kornucopia of vocalisation.

I’d be tempted to utter ‘nice’ but I don’t own a roll-on, roll-off polo neck.

There’s more variety than you’d get from stick-shaking schtick.

‘Plug Me In’ eschews the guitar/bass/drums format at the outset, coming on like a suicidal synth laden remake of Colossal Youth, then degenerates into a glorious rolling wig out with the sung coda of “hideaway” denying themselves.

Then there’s the punky beatling, buzzcocking of ‘It’s Your Time’. And the relentless motorik of ‘Sweet Lips’ played live hits the sweet spot, doesn’t flinch at a bit of licence taking, its what rock ‘n’ roll is all about.

Three talented musicians have made a tasty record. Listening to it will bring liberation.

BB Skone