MRS PEACHUM’S Guide to Love and Marriage, a radical reworking of John Gay's 1728 work The Beggar's Opera is coming to Fishguard’s Theatr Gwaun on Thursday, December 5.

The show is a brand new one act opera, tailor-made by Mid Wales Opera’s artistic team for community scale touring.

The story’s an everyday tale of gin-sodden ne’er do wells, including Mrs Peachum, her daughter Polly and the Beggar himself, filled with as many musical twists as there are in the plot.

Though the trio of characters may live in the gutter, musically they are looking to the stars, with the score bursting with melodies both familiar and new.

Horrified to learn of her daughter Polly’s illicit marriage to an errant highwayman, Mrs P contrives to get the rascal hanged so Polly can claim the reward. Loyalty and love are put to the test as murder, rage and fury drive this rumbustious tragicomedy towards its conclusion.

The cast of three singers includes the brilliant northern Irish mezzo, Carolyn Dobbin, in the title role and Welsh soprano Alys Mererid Roberts as her feckless daughter Polly.

“If you’ve never seen an opera, then this is a great introduction,” said Lydia Bassett, MWO’s Executive Director. “All of these performances are very relaxed, very much ‘come as you are’, and designed to be a fun night out with great music and a friendly atmosphere.”

The performance starts at 7.30. For more details see