A NEW exhibition opens at Milford Haven’s Waterfront Gallery this week, featuring the work of a husband and wife.

The paintings of Lynn Parr and sculptures of Ben Dearnley will go on show from Friday, September 5 to Saturday, October 4.

Lynn’s work reflects her fascination with the play of light on natural forms.

Whether on the scale of a landscape or a close-up of breaking waves or lichen on a twig, she tries to capture the organic patterns and colours of what she sees in that ephemeral moment.

Her training in ecology helps to inform her understanding of what she sees, but walking and painting in the stunning landscape of West Wales provides her inspiration. Lynn’s paintings are in private collections around the UK and in the USA and Australia.

Ben’s sculptures fuse the traditional materials of the past with the modern world.

His latest works are pushing his understanding of material and the ability to reach new forms of expression.

He is concerned with the direct carving of stone, along with the study of marble, looking at ways of exploring a return to the pure forms of the past with a modern contextualization, creating a vibrant expression of truth through beauty.

Ben also has a deep love for the masters of the past, Rodin, Michelangelo and Canova, to name but a few and to him, each of these sculptors has one thing in common - they are all involved with the figure and its expressive nature, truth and beauty.