PAINTER Peter Morgan is coming home with his latest exhibition.

The unspoilt houses and landscapes of west Wales are the subject of the latest exhibition by the Pembrokeshire artist, on show at the Workshop Wales Gallery in Fishguard from Sunday, September 13.

The gallery sits in the heart of the Strumble Head Peninsula, surrounded on one side by the Irish Sea and on the other by the Pembrokeshire National Park, and has been described as a 'powerful and moving' place to see art.

Gallery owner Mitchell Cleal said Morgan's work is perfectly suited to the surroundings.

“He has an amazing talent for capturing the very type of scenery that surrounds us here at the gallery, so it’s very fitting to have his work on the walls,” he said.

Born and raised in Pembrokeshire and based in Haverfordwest, Morgan loves walking and cycling in the west Wales countryside in search of inspiration.

A particular focus for this show is the landscape around St David’s and Pembrokeshire’s northern Preseli uplands, which Morgan especially loves when snow lies thick on the slopes.

“In the snow there's a wonderful sense of space and freedom and being away from it all,” he said.

He enjoys capturing the image of old buildings that have stood the test of time.

“Although I’m drawn to the landscape, it’s the architecture that fascinates me," said the artist. "My eye is drawn to the more humble buildings scattered about the landscape - the old cottages, sheds and outbuildings have meaning because someone built them and someone lives in them.”

He often revisits places, walking in different directions so that he is able to capture a new viewpoint. Many of his subjects are sights he has seen for many years, and by drawing them he is re-connecting to his childhood.

“When I am working on a painting in my studio using sketchbook drawings and notes made on the spot I am reliving the many times I have stood and looked at the place in the past as a teenager,” he says. “There is always something to paint, and finding the image gives me inspiration to find others."

The show runs from September 13 to 27 at the Workshop Wales Gallery, Manorowen, Fishguard, SA65 9LY. Call the gallery for more information on 01348 891619.