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Turkey Urged To Control Its Prices For 2010

Formerly a reserved, remote country, Turkey is now an up and coming tourist capital as people gather here in search of cheap summer holidays.

With prices rising like wild fire across Spain and Greece in previous years, Turkey has always remained fare in its prices and so far hasn't been too greedy... but is that about to change?

A report released by the post office in January found prices of holiday essentials such as drinks, meals and sun tan lotion increased by up to 40% as local businesses seek to capitalise from the mass tourism provided by us Brits.

The Co-operative travel's boss is warning local business owners in Turkey not to let price increases ruin the popularity of Turkey as a holiday destination.

Mike Greenacre, Travel managing director of The Co-operative, wrote an open letter to the Turkish Culture and Tourism Office, advising them to speak to business owners to dissuade them from increasing prices further. The report shows that rival holiday destinations such as Greece, Portugal and Spain have seen prices drop dramatically in resort by 30%, 15% and 10%.

The letter states: "The tourism industry is, more so now than ever, hugely affected by economic changes both in terms of currency fluctuations and the economy's impact on individual holidaymakers.

"This has been most evident in the last few years with the success of Turkey with British holidaymakers, as its status as a value-for-money destination-thanks to its location outside of the eurozone and a favourable exchange rate-has seen Dalaman overtake Majorca as the number one summer 2010 destination, so far.

"The Turkish tourist authorities should take heed of a number of examples in the past decade where destinations have been in a similar situation.

"Cyprus, for example, has on more than one occasion seen strong occupancy one year deflated in the following season because prices were raised disproportionately. The country then saw bookings fall dramatically.

"So right now we would caution dramatic increases in prices and ask businesses in Turkey, which benefit from the tourist boom, to be sensible about pricing for the coming season,"

Through trial and error, other countries have tried this themselves having seen a surge in holidaymakers then the following year became greedy by raising prices substantially, seeing tourist numbers plummet that season.

If Turkey follows suit and local businesses raise their prices further, this could leave a damaging effect to Turkey's tourism industry. One of the main reasons Turkey remains so popular is due to its intense heat, the cheap summer holidays it offers and its crystal clear, sparkling blue seas.