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A Hot Spot for Celebrity Spotting

Taking your holidays in Mykonos will offer you the liveliest and most buzzing nightlife in Europe along with the chic and sophisticated areas for shopping and dining. Mykonos is located in the south of the Aegean Sea, just one hundred and fifty kilometres from Athens. This hilly and fairly small island is mainly famous for being the most cosmopolitan and trendy island with a very sophisticated atmosphere.

Mykonos attracts all types of tourists and holiday makers from singles, couples and families to the many famous celebrities such as Madonna that often frequent this magnificent island. The better areas for families to base themselves are the resorts of Tourlos and Glastros whereas Mykonos Town is where all the nightlife and shopping is happening.

Mykonos Town is very gay friendly, along with the entire island, but this area in particular of Mykonos Town has the famous nightlife and club scene that many travellers go here for. It is a very lively area and often compared to the likes of Ibiza in Spain. It is most certainly the liveliest area of Greece. Shopping in Mykonos Town is very trendy and sophisticated and if you have plenty of money to fritter then this is defiantly the place for you.

The weather is typically Mediterranean offering long hot summers and mild pleasant winters with little rainfall and the island also boasts an average of three hundred days of sunshine per year.

Some of Greece's best beaches are found on the island of Mykonos with the best ones found on the south of the island. They have exceptional fine sandy beaches and some of them are a firm favourite with families as the waters are shallow and are perfect and very safe for swimming especially with small children. Many of the beaches have plenty of water sports to keep you busy during the day and the island is also one of the best places in Greece to partake in a spot of scuba diving due to the many wrecks that are positioned around the island that are filled with antiques waiting to be discovered amongst the amazing coral and marine life.

There are many places of interest when you are here in Mykonos and one that is a must see is Delos. It is located ten kilometres south west of the island and is accessible by boat. Delco islet is thought to be the birthplace of the famous god's Apollo and Artemis and it is a very important historical site in Greece with many Greek's taking pilgrimage there, it is so important that UNESCO have named it on there list of heritage sites.

Mykonos Island may also be an ideal place for film buffs as the famous film 'Shirley Valentine' was set and filmed.

It isn't the cheapest place in Greece to get to, neither is it cheap when you are actually there, however this beautiful island is very sought after and is a very affluent place to be and many types of holiday makers take there summer holidays in Mykonos year after year. It is the place to be in Greece at the moment and will be for the very foreseeable future.