IT'S NOT every day you get to record an album with one of your heroes.

But despite being just 16 years old, Canadian singer-songwriter Sophia Radisch is already living most performers' dream.

Her debut album Intoxicated, which was recorded in Pembrokeshire with the help of local producer Alex Cooper, features the talents of former Megadeth guitarist Glen Drover.

Inspired by classic rock and musicians such as Slash, Eddie Van Halen and Jimmy Page, she describes her album as a 'fusion of genres', mixing alt rock with blues, jazz and soul.

"I had a very enjoyable recording process with great people," said Sophia. "This album release has definitely motivated me to continue on with my musical journey. "

Inspired to start writing music at 13, she has now penned more than 100 songs, and has particularly enjoyed performing live in Pembrokeshire.

"I love everything about Wales. The people are so warm and charming. Thank you all for making me feel welcome," she said.

"I love performing and continue to create a bigger and better image."

Her plans are now to record album number two Beautiful Sin, which will also feature Shawn Drover, current drummer for Megadeth, and to start a band and tour Europe.

"My goal is to keep on growing as a singer, songwriter, guitarist and actress," she said.