A new exhibition of paintings revealing the magic of one of Pembrokeshire’s best kept secrets opened at The VC Gallery in Haverfordwest yesterday, February 5.

Beautiful Cleddau is a collection of paintings by English artist Louise Burdett, who moved with her family to Pembrokeshire just one year ago and now lives by the river in the village of Lawrenny.

The exhibition of 21 paintings of oil on canvas captures all the seasons in the one year - and sometimes in one day - Louise has witnessed living on the shores of the river.

“I paint from my heart,” said Louise.

“Just like the weather, my paintings can be everything from wild to tranquil.”

Louise was so inspired by the landscapes around the Cleddau that she took up her brush again after a break to raise her two children with her husband Jamie.

“What struck me immediately on moving here, is how much the river is like a pair of lungs, ever changing shape and breathing life into this beautiful hidden stretch of Pembrokeshire,” she said.

“It really has been inspirational to me, amidst all the stress of moving our family across the UK and starting a new life.

“Wherever I walked, as I got to know my way around, I couldn’t escape the magic and energy of the Cleddau.

“I hope this exhibition captures some of those feelings.”

Louise is first to admit that her work also carries some of the changing moods she experienced in a sometimes stressful and challenging first year away from Kent, where she had lived much of her life.

“I came from one of the most populated corners of the UK and coming here was a huge change,” she said.

“I saw a panoramic sky and star.

“But right on the water’s edge is where the magic really happens, and for an artist this is incredibly energising.

“Coming here has given me new direction and helped me to see beauty differently. I am so grateful to the VC Gallery for helping to make this exhibition possible.”

The VC Gallery is a charity that helps service veterans and those in the wider community by getting them engaged in a variety of art projects.

The exhibition will be running until February 27.

The paintings can also be seen on Louise’s Facebook and instagram pages @louise.burdett.art