AFTER a summer of wild partying at Shambala, Bestival, and Eden, King Lagoons Flying Swordfish Dance Band are coming to Cardigan's Small World Theatre on Saturday, December 15, for a Christmas party like no other.

Put on your most spangly clothes and let your hair down for the festive party of the season and be prepared to enter another dimension.

The Flying Swordfish fuse African and South American rhythms and melodies to create a unique style of fresh, powerful, highly energetic and fun music.

This is a full, festive experience with an evolving palette of smells, lights, exploding-star balloons and audience participation in the battle of silly string and the crowd-surfing flamingo.

Prepare to be propelled into a fantastical faraway land through a highly energetic original and varied set of music and aromas which will transport you to a faraway, fantastical place.

The creation of aromas through burning oils and incense, pulverising fruit and boiling herbs accompanies the music to create a hypnotic and immersive spectacle.

DJ Maya Mitten will also be playing records to keep you grooving all night long. So dig out your best festival gear; feathers, spangles, ears, tails, wings, tutus and silly hats and expect a night to match.

Tickets cost £10 from