WHEN A panto starts with fireworks, glitter balls and fairy lights before the main curtain has even gone up you know it's going to be a good one. Cinderella at Swansea Grand definitely lived up to its auspicious start, delivering a fast-paced beautifully produced show which kept three generations of my family entertained throughout.

Starring Ian H Watkins (H from Steps), Drag artist Ceri Dupree, panto stalwart Kevin Johns, Jalisa Andrews, and Britain's got Talent impressionist Paul Burling the cast is certainly star-studded.

My kids were a little confused that the eponymous heroine was nowhere to be seen on the poster or publicity. Holly Bluett played a feisty, charismatic Cinderella; I have seen Cinders played as a bit of a drip in the past and am pleased to say this wasn't the case in this panto.

Dupree and Johns as the Ugly Sisters made a fantastic pair, in showstopping outfits which changed with every scene. They had some rousing musical numbers; the slipper fitting scene, which was sung to the tune of I Will Survive was particularly memorable.

Indeed, the panto is chock-full of superb songs, from Greatest Showman hits with beautiful harmonies to witty take offs of Shirley Bassey and Bonnie Tyler, to the ubiquitous Baby Shark with plenty of audience participation.

Paul Burling did a wonderful cover of the Proclaimers I will walk 500 miles in the voices of all sorts of celebs. One of the kids' favourite parts of the panto was a dialogue between Dandini (H) and the Ugly Sisters which was lit with spotlights and smattered with snippits of songs. I think the fact that some of them were a little rude only added to the enjoyment!

Burling as Buttons with his variety of voices was a real asset to the show. The kids loved his cartoon impressions and I enjoyed the biscuit jokes, though I did wonder if some of the other humour was a little too adult for such a young audience; didn't really want the kids going home saying "there's a party in my pants".

My panto highlight was the transformation scene, when a glowing carriage towed by two miniature horses arrived on stage and Cinders' dress was transformed from rags to sparkles before our eyes.

The second half of the panto was equally full of fast-paced scenes that were a feast for the eyes; Dandini arriving on stage in a huge sparkly stiletto, a beautifully choreographed ball scene, gorgeous costume and stunning sets.

Mention must be made of both the talented troupe of professional dancers and singers as well as the children from Mellin Theatre Arts who truly gave it their all.

With a smattering of Welsh and lots of local references the show felt well-rooted in Swansea and finished with a finale that was a visually sumptuous feast of orange, although I was surprised there wasn't a closing song, just a chorus.

We drifted out of the theatre on a tide of happy families full of praise for what they had just seen and totally in the Christmas spirit- oh yes we were.

Cinderella is showing at the Swansea Grand Theatre until January 13.