Next up at Burnett's Hill, Martletwy, is a five-piece band from Golden, Colorado, high in the Rockies (and the home of Coors beer, incidentally).

Thunder and Rain seamlessly blend their favourite elements of bluegrass, country, pop and alt-rock to cultivate their own take on the American roots music traditions.

Driven by the catchy choruses and dreamy melodies sung by Erinn Peet-Lukes, the band perfectly supports her heartfelt songwriting with strong country grooves, lush harmonies and rich instrumental decoration.

They also perform their own take on classic songs by Fleetwood Mac and The Byrds.

The concert is tomorrow (Thursday, March 14) and afterwards it's back to the Cresselly Arms to help celebrate local horse Tobefair's victory (hopefully) at the Cheltenham Festival that very afternoon.

For tickets contact Sue Oldrieve on 01646 680511.