Coming to Burnetts Hill Chapel on Wednesday, April 10, are the amazing winners of the Le Roche bluegrass band competition 2018, The Often Herd.

The group reaches beyond what is expected of a bluegrass band, marrying the wistful, sunshine harmonies of southern California with the striking industrial allure of their home in the north east of England.

They are an engaging and dynamic live act that can seamlessly blend intricate arrangements with exciting moments of spontaneous improvisation.

Rupert Hughes (guitar) and Evan Davies (mandolin) are responsible for penning the band’s vibrant and catchy original songs and tunes.

Hot fiddler Kieran Towers played at Burnetts Hill with The Hot Rock Pilgrims at their sellout gig last year. Kieran is standing in for Niles Krieger for this leg of the tour as Niles completes his Phd studies in Newcastle.

Jazz bassist Sam Quintana completes the line-up, with his deft and dynamic instrumental skills that lift the songs to new heights.

Their self-titled debut EP features six tracks that represent the variety this quartet can coax from their instruments and voices.

Fresh from a year of touring around the UK and Europe, releasing their debut EP and bringing home first place in La Roche Bluegrass Festival’s prestigious band competition, The Often Herd will be bringing some brand new material to audiences at Martletwy.

Tickets are £12 and are available from Main Street Music, Pembroke, tel 01646 621530, or from Keith on 01646 651725.