A STORY of two mothers that draws on a Women's Voices workshop in Pembrokeshire earlier this year comes to the stage in Haverfordwest on October 16.

A Stone’s Throw: Lament of the Selkie is a performance of song, music, story and visual image, blurring the lines between real life and fiction.

A personal story of injury, trauma and recovery after a dramatic accident is merged alongside contemporary re-imaginings of selkie folklore myth, the separate stories entwining and unravelling as they weave from land to sea and back again.

This performance has also been made uniquely special to Pembrokeshire, as the show has been infused with stories of womanhood and motherhood gathered at a Women’s Voices session in September.

Rachel Taylor-Beales – singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist whose music meets at a crossroads of folk, roots, blues and jazz – has teamed up with award winning actor-musician Lucy Rivers and director Louise Osborn.

The result is a story-fuelled, gig-theatre adaptation of Rachel’s most recent and highly praised album Stone’s Throw, Lament of the Selkie. An album receiving high praise.

The songs are inspired by the mythological Selkie (seal-folk) stories from the Orkney Isles and chart the tragic story of Selkie, who over the arc of the narrative finds herself struggling and unable to sustain life on land with her land-bound lover and eventually returns to the sea leaving her partner grief stricken with his loss.

Rachel spent the first 22 years of her life living between England and Australia but has spent the majority of years since, living in Wales and she currently lives in Carmarthenshire with her husband and daughter.

The gig is at Haverfordwest's new Welsh school Ysgol Caer Elen.

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