Worried about the lack of Doctor Who on your TV screens this year? Concerned as to how you’ll get your regular Doctor Who fix?

Well fret no longer, as BBC Children’s Books is publishing an epic ten-part, collectable series that will sustain even the most die-hard Doctor Who fans during 2009.

Join the quest to save the Doctor and the eternity crystal from his latest adversaries: The Darksmith Collective. Three gripping books have been released in January and February, to be followed by a new episode every month, until September.

With cliffhanger endings, fans will be eager to continue the adventure and collect all ten titles. In addition to the books, readers can assist the Doctor in his quest by visiting www.the darksmithlegacy.com.

Presspack has three copies of the first three books in the collection — The Dust of Ages, The Graves of Mordane and The Colour of Darkness — to give away to members.The books are priced £4.99 each.

To be in with a chance of winning a set, can you name the actor who currently plays the Doctor on TV?

Send your answer, along with your name, age, address and Presspack number, to Presspack, Western Telegraph, Old Hakin Road, Merlin's Bridge, Haverfordwest.