Ever wondered what the outcome would have been if you had just decided to say yes instead of no or done something different?

That’s the theme explored by the Torch Theatre Company’s summer offering of two comedy plays, directed by Rhys Thomas, running throughout August. Both are taken from popular playwright Alan Ayckbourn’s highly ambitious Intimate Exchanges series, which comprises of eight different plays, each with a possible alternative ending, all stemming from the same brief, single opening scene. To add to all the mayhem, all parts are played by just two actors, each assuming three very different roles.

The actors have much to do throughout — deftly juggling roles and costumes and in some cases talking to themselves in two characters as they tackle the unfolding action on stage and off. This is the first ‘home-grown’ production to be staged in the Torch’s studio theatre and it was the perfect setting. The space was well used and music at the beginning of each scene was just perfect.

In some ways the comedy action detracts from the decisions being taken. In an age of 21st century technology, you can’t help but think some bright spark will incorporate a way of asking the audience what happens next, sending the story sparking off in a different direction.

A Pageant, the second of the Milford options, which can be seen in any order, began last Wednesday with both plays running on different evenings throughout August.

There are even two Saturdays where both can be seen on the same day.

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