WHILE the Labour government were last in power, a costly research was carried out on hunting with hounds, the outcome of the report led to a ban, due to the dreadful acts of cruelty involved, and also the fact 70 per cent of the public were against it.

Now Theresa May is showing her true colours by making a mockery of the research, and the laws put in place, by telling us she intends to try to repeal them.

The propaganda spread by the hunt to make us believe wild animals like the fox need to be controlled is untrue.

They control their own family unit by nature (read the life of the fox).

Also if it’s correct what the media have informed us in the past, that they breed the fox to hunt, then this contradicts any of their argument on control.

In 1995 I received many calls from people working at Castlemartin camp pleading with me to help stop the sheep and lambs from being slaughtered in the line of fire.

After involving HTV and also spending months of correspondence from the prime minister down, I was also informed that it had happened on other MOD land.

Eventually thousands of pounds of protective fencing was erected at Castlemartin.

But despite the loss of the sheep and lambs, it seemed to me that there was very little outcry from the farmers involved.

Things would have been different if it had been a small dog called a fox, we would have seen an army of redcoats on horseback with a pack of hounds.

These violent acts of cruelty towards our wildlife are not food education for our children. Theresa May claims she is a Christian so perhaps she should try singing, all things bright and beautiful.


Milford Haven