ON Sunday, May 21, I travelled to St Davids, to do the 13-mile Dawn Walk in aid of Macmillan nurses. I was shocked to find I was being charged £5 by the National Park to park at the registration point.

It is not about the money, indeed I would have gladly paid £5 to a steward standing at the car park entrance, for the money to go to Macmillan nurses.

On returning to their cars after the walk, the walkers (some of whom had done the 26-mile walk) found that if they had carried no money with them, and had parked without paying, they had been hit with a £25 parking ticket.

Please National Park have a heart, and cancel the parking tickets, and give back the money to those who can prove that they had registered to do the walk.

We in Pembrokeshire should be proud of these people, who are willing to give their time and effort to such a worthy cause, not charging them for the privilege!