THOUSANDS of residents from across Preseli Pembrokeshire enjoy the clear waters of Caerfai beach each year. This stretch of coastline also brings thousands of tourists to Pembrokeshire every summer, contributing to the local economy.

Yet this beauty hotspot is at risk if EU standards which guarantee clean bathing water and protect our natural environment are weakened or abandoned after Brexit.

Friends of the Earth are asking all Preseli Pembrokeshire parliamentary candidates to commit to retaining the EU bathing water directive, which guarantees that Caerfai beach is safe from pollution like untreated sewage, and keeps our waters clean and swimmable.

Friends of the Earth Pembrokeshire campaigner Eleanor Clegg said: “Caerfai beach is currently rated ‘excellent’ by the Environment Agency, which means that Preseli Pembrokeshire families can paddle safe in the knowledge that nothing nasty lurks beneath the waves. Without EU pressure, the UK could still be pumping gallons of untreated sewage into some of our most beautiful seaside areas.

“We’re asking all candidates for Preseli Pembrokeshire to guarantee that Britain will not once again become the dirty man of Europe, and that our beaches will keep getting cleaner and more enjoyable for visitors and marine life, by retaining EU bathing standards.”


Friends of the Earth Pembrokeshire Campaigner