FOLLOWING your recent success to be re-elected to the House of Commons I would of thought you would take the opportunity to represent the best interest of the people within Pembrokeshire, I was shocked and outraged to see that during the first vote in the House of Commons to end austerity in public service and give emergency service personnel a fair pay rise on June 28 that you voted against the amendment proposed by the Labour party to end the public sector pay cap for firefighters, nurses and policemen of one per cent increase per year, which has been in place over the previous seven years.

Your leader Theresa May announced that austerity was over yet despite this you continued to use your vote to support measures to restrict the income of vital front row emergency services employees.

Not a single Conservative MP had the courage to rebel against the Tory whip and voted with the DUP to defeat the amendment and following the failure of the amendment gave a load cheer as if a victory had been achieved.

It would appear that there is no money for fire-fighters, nurses and police officers but there was no problem finding one billion pounds to buy the 10 votes of the DUP to prop up the Conservative Government.

Could you explain your actions to your constituents ?