I was impressed and reasured by Theresa May’s recent speech in Florence.

She set out her plan for the negotiations – and I was pleased to hear that we have made progress.

Progress such as British pensioners living in the EU will continue to have their health care arrangements protected. She also clearly said what her plan is on how long we will continue to pay money to the EU and what we will do about future security cooperation such as sharing intelligence on terror suspects.

We can’t leave the EU and have everything stay the same. Only the Conservatives seem to understand this and they have put forward a sensible plan to help us leave the EU in an orderly and responsible fashion.

We voted to take back control of our laws, our borders and our money. Jeremy Corbyn and his team want to keep us in the single market which means we won’t have any say over free movement of people. Labour are not listening to us.

It is clear that only Theresa May can successfully deliver what the British people voted for – a Brexit where we remain friends and continue to work with the rest of the EU to ensure our stability, security and our continued prosperity.


Scleddau ward