READING in Western Telegraph Letters it seems that the three-weekly black bin bag collection is now imminent.

I also sent a copy of that letter to the head of environment Richard Brown and have never received a response or acknowledgement.

We have at least two bags over a fortnightly period of medical waste – change of dressings, which are soiled “human waste”. How on earth are we supposed to manage? When we lived in Swindon for some time, there was a special medical waste collection weekly in special “sin” boxes that did not go into the ordinary domestic waste.

I would certainly not like to be a “bin bag policeman”

having to sort out rubbish when just I alone contribute a lot to medical waste. I know the district nurses who do an exceedingly good job go to at least 15 patients a day – by my reckoning and the calculator’s that is 105 patient per week – probably all with waste dressings put into the domestic rubbish. That is just a local figure – I wonder what the total figure is in Pembrokeshire?

Imagine that in the height of summer! I know I would not like to sift through rubbish and handle waste and soiled dressings – would you?

We are particular about recycling but have no choice but to put our medical waste into domestic bin bags – a practice that I find very disgusting.

We live on a retirement park and if we could burn these it would save a tremendous amount, however, we are not allowed fires of any description.

The council should make provision for this along with those families that have nappy waste and those who also have incontinence waste etc, these targets are yet again preposterous levied on us by the government who have not got a clue.

It is just as much a scandal as the ridiculous targets imposed on agencies who determine whether a person is disabled in their view or just does not quite come up to scratch with ridiculous and unobtainable targets that are imposed by those in higher places and end up being targeted against vulnerable members of our society.

A question that I would like to pose is where is the local recycling plant? I do not think that there is one in Pembrokeshire – so where is it then? What about the carbon footprint that seems to imply?