STEVE Vince’s letter (January 31) extols the virtues of Pembrokeshire’s beaches, wide open spaces, lower traffic congestion and crime rate etc, etc, to attract doctors to the county.

These virtues will attract retirees and holidaymakers but not young doctors. These young men and women would rather work in areas of UK that can provide access to friends and family, shopping malls, nightclubs, first class sporting venues, theatres, cinemas, a variety of restaurants and easy travel links to the rest of UK and the continent. Pembrokeshire cannot compete or provide a similar package.

In my RAF days, Brawdy near Newgale was the dreaded posting mainly because of the distance from the rest of UK and similar reasons given above. It takes up to six hours by car, train and bus to commute to London, Birmingham and other cities in the UK.

If Pembrokeshire wants to recruit doctors it must cut journey times to approximately one to two hours and offer subsidised air travel, Pembrokeshire has two airfields, MOD-owned Brawdy and fully functional, Pembrokeshire County Councilowned Withybush.