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Hi Rudo,

Is it ok to give my dog chocolate? I’ve read in some places that it is ok, but others say it is deadly.

I have been giving my pet an occasional chocolate treat for years and he seems fine, but now I’m worried I might be giving him something that would be harmful.

John Davies

Dear John, Chocolate is considered to be a toxic compound to dogs and I would not recommend that it be offered at all.

The signs of poisoning can range from simple stomach upset to life threatening problems depending on the type and quantity of chocolate ingested.

Baking and dark chocolate are more toxic than white chocolate.

Signs of poisoning tend to develop within a few minutes to hours after ingestion and if the last time you gave your dog chocolate was a while ago, then I would not be too concerned but would recommend that you not feed him anymore.


If you have a question for Rudo, email and mark your email Ask Rudo. 

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