It was good to get out on Boxing Day, and there was a duck race on offer, but I suspected doping, so I went to Newgale where the only thing happening was Newgale.  The wind was almost blowing me over as I struggled a few paces over a flattish bit of pebble bank.  Newgale seems to vary less than places that have trees as seasonal markers, and the relative warmth of this winter adds to that impression. 


The pebbles have not been over the road, yet, this winter; but it will happen with increasing frequency now that the atmosphere has energy to burn.  Throwing around a few hundred tons of stone is nothing.


Perhaps there is a creative solution to this local problem.


If several channels were dug through from the road to the beach, and one of those large concrete pipe were placed in each channel, with a few pebbles on top to make the place look tidy, would that not ease the pressure ?


But why stop there? A number of those kid's windmills from the cafe shop, when placed in the pipes, would generate enough power to fry an egg in both establishments.


A better solution would be to channel the water under the road, and then up to create a pleasing geyser effect along the Duke's field.


Every little helps.




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