The November morning fogs arrived filling the valley with billowing white cloud like a sea with islands of trees or houses floating here and there.

The 8th is a bank holiday “ the Immaculate Conception” which is celebrated with markets and events. We were invited to join the aero club in Castiglione del lago at the old airfield. The day started very foggy at 7am and it hadn't lifted much by 9am when we left to go to the meeting air club via a spot of shopping on the way. Although they said they'd start the meeting at 9.30 when we arrived at 11.30 they were just beginning to get sorted out. Mike met up with his group from Corciano and we were introduced to flyers from Folingio, Castello di firontino, Terni and places we've forgotten. There were over 2 dozen planes and one glider that flew in and the rest arrived by car. Mike was given his flight as promised. By 1pm there were lots of people from 3 to 90, some with their dogs, and we were asked to stay for the club meal, donations accepted, and they produced some of the best BBQ sausage and pork chops with beans we've ever eaten here followed by jam tarts, biscotti and chestnuts, with red wine. We were made very welcome and Mike made some new friends and caught up with others we've not seen for 2 years, so a good day out. When we got home Mach1 wasn't too keen on us smelling of meat and dogs when we got home at dusk.

We caught up with Francesca over a quick coffee in town on the 23rd, me with a lot of make up, high necked scarf and hair and hat over ears. Her father has also had a fall recently breaking 3 ribs and has a touch of pneumonia so she arranged for her and two of his oldest friends to share Christmas day lunch at the home with him.

For Christmas day we decided to go bling and kitch, and flashing lighting, no tree as Mach1 climbs it and destroys the decorations, but in every other way over the top fun. Brian and Sue who had lunch with us did wonder slightly at all the candle light and flashing bits but took it we were creating a grotto atmosphere. Lunch was prawn cocktail or waldolf salad and melba toasts followed by slow cooked lamb shoulder, it fell apart it was so well done, tiered herbed potatoes, carrots, fried sprouts with bacon and gravy. Dessert was apricot cream mousse with puff pastry top and bottom with cream. Mince pies and coffee with Christmas stocking opening to end.

The week leading up to Xmas was still dry and mild but with low cloud and fog with the temperatures hitting 15+ but dropping to around 1 or 2 at night. Then the week afterwards it dropped to around 4 or 6 when the house was shrouded in fog in the day to 4c and from 4 at night to 0 or –1 at night.

To our delight we have a tiny Wren in the garden, we saw it pecking bugs off the window but its very shy and it flew into the passion flower hedge.

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