Looking out of my windows to see what sort of rain we are getting includes a partial view of just four houses, much too far away to reach by any form of transport available to me  except imagination. In the summertime a million green leaves blot out any habitations, and the printing of tenners can start once again.


A friend, who was about to retire, asked me, with an anxious view to his future, what on earth I did when it rained......


A hooded and zipped up visitor today was quite clear about what she thought of the weather, and it was not complementary. Maybe there's a market for talking therapy anoraks.


Even if we compare our 2012 rainfall statistics with those of some of the world's soggiest places, we have little to grumble about. The UK rainfall in June of that year averaged 145 mm, but the aquatic gold goes to Cherrapunji in N.E. India, which proudly wallows in 11,760 mm. per year. At least the rain is considerate; it rains only in the morning, and hardly at all for four months.


Psychologists say that wet weather does adversely affect mood, but we also know that dogs can be taught to salivate at the sound of a bell. Perhaps if we restrict food to dull days?


When weather just is, wet or grey or wind blown, then you must be inside watching it, but in that circumstance weather just gives the day an interesting texture, as real as another dimension. Go with the flow. ?


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