I can now order whatever I want on line, and download any book or CD within seconds of thinking that I really must have it right now. There are plans to introduce same day delivery  via drone or driverless vehicles, and 3D printing will make local production possible. 



Speaking on Radio Wales on Wednesday December 9, around 9.30, Councillor Liz Burnett of the Vale of Glamorgan said that town regeneration was vital. The words she used for this process were "imaginative and innovative". Softening and greening appearances to make them better places to hang out could work.  


Cambria House,  the leisure centre and the skate park are fine, but now we are to get 700 new houses, and the pressure on meeting places is already high. How about a futuristic new hall - a geodesic dome or straw bale building on the Picton field?


The river through Haverfordwest is also a bit too hard edged. Although the two bridges have not moved a great deal recently, the river, when it was left to it's own devices, used to be a lot less well defined, and it happily oozed and percolated into it's surroundings. The Cambria House and Picton field area was not known as the marsh for nothing, and wasn't there an islet with ducks somewhere?


Other councils (Frome and Chelmsford) have made efforts to soften their river edges.