I read in yesterday's Mercury that Cllr Mike Stoddart has been reported to the Ombudsman again and he has shut down his Old Grumpy web-site.

This time, we are not told the nature of the complaint, but it is now becoming very apparent that you have LESS of a voice as a Councillor than you have as an ordinary Joe Soap who may be writing a blog, or airing his views at a public meeting.

In Cardiff, City Councillor John Dixon is facing trouble over a complaint made by a Scientologist as Cllr Dixon wrote on his Twitter account that Scientology was stupid.

Now I have been called stupid many times in my life and no doubt anyone reading this, have been called stupid as well, and probably far worse, as have I. But am I offended? Hahaha... There's my answer.

If the Scientologist was offended, what a sad person he must be, and at worst, trying to stop someone voicing an opinion that would not offend the average person, let alone hardly anyone!

Going back to Old Grumpy, he was recently silenced by the Chair of Manorbier Community Council who lodged a complaint about an article on OG's web-site, about them.

OG was subsequently cleared. Now another complaint has been lodged.

I dont know anything about it or who has done it, but on the tails of the last complaint, any follower of conspiracy theories would think that the powers that be are trying to silence Old Grumpy as he is quite renowned for his attacks on the antics at County Hall, some local Community Councils and other public bodies.

Myself, I haven't bothered to read OG's web-site, but he does have a following in the County and his many readers will no doubt think that he is being targetted to shut him up and possibly bring him down.

Whether the aim is to make Pembrokeshire more of a North Korean type state or one in which anyone can have their opinions and bring them to the attention of the rest of the people is a concern. We should all be able to have our opinions.

What was more worrying of freedom of speech was the threat by the barmy preacher in Florida who threatened to burn the Koran.

Whereas we have legislation that could have dealt with that sort of threat, the US Constitution granted him the freedom and the authorities were powerless to act against him, so all they could do was to put him under such pressure with the world watching.

Is there a conspiracy to shut up Cllr Stoddart or did he bring it on himself?

The only thing I can say is that I have no contact with him on this and these comments are only my own. I also happen to think that Scientology is stupid, but that is only my opinion and if you think its the best thing since sliced bread, I respect your opinion and trust you respect mine and not be offended by it.