I DO NOT normally reply to letters written in response to my letters printed, but on this occasion I must reply to Michael Sharratt’s recent letter.

What I tried to do in my letter was draw attention to the loss that I and my family have suffered over the years due to the spread of bTB in their herd.

Also to highlight the financial loss of not only my family but so many farmers, and the suffering that this disease is inflicting on our wildlife.

Dairy cows that are identified with TB are immediately put down humanely, while the badger is kicked out of his home by other badgers when he has the disease and is allowed to die a prolonged and painful death without any shelter from the rain and cold, and usually die of starvation.

I do not wish to get into discussion with Michael Sharratt. All I wish to say is firstly there are too many badgers and nature has a very cruel way of control. In the case of the badger, because of overpopulation they become short of food, undernourished and as they live down a damp hole with no ventilation are very vulnerable to TB.

Secondly there is more scientific evidence supporting the need to take culling action than suggested.

People should stop living in cloud cuckoo land and cooperate with those of us who want to see healthier domestic and wildlife and not the extinction of any of our wildlife including the badger.

We have always had badgers on our land and I have never taken action to cull them. However I must now accept that numbers have now got out of control, why not leave it to farmers to take whatever action necessary?

I have to admit I have never owned or used a shotgun in my life, so the badger has nothing to fear from me.

SIR ERIC HOWELLS CBE Llanddewi Velfrey.