Rhys Johnson - the teenager made to work on his own by Milford Haven School after having his head shaved for charity - is to be allowed back into classes on Monday, his mum has said.

Rhys' move into isolation sparked a mass walkout by pupils this morning, with several hundred students supporting the 14 year-old outside the school gates.

Rhys' mum Lucy O'Neill met with the deputy head teachers this morning and after discussions they agreed to let Rhys back into his normal lessons on Monday morning, she said.

Lucy is due to meet with the headteacher Rod Francis on Monday afternoon, along with Rhys who. she says, is demanding a formal apology from the school.

Lucy said: “I'm very proud of Rhys and I’ve been completely overwhelmed by the support from his friends, fellow students and parents.

“I’m happy that they achieved what they wanted through the protest and it proved that they weren’t prepared to back down.”

Lucy added: “Most of the students have gone back into school now and we’re trying to get the others to go back in.”

A spokesman for Milford Haven School said that Rhys was due to return to normal lessons on Monday anyway and added that his return was not as a result of the protest.