A WOMAN and her donkey are making their way around the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, as part of 1,000 mile fundraising adventure.

34-year-old Hannah Engelkamp and five-year-old gelding Chico set off on their unique road trip around Wales from her hometown of Aberystwyth in May.

The travel writer was inspired to walk the perimeter of Wales after writing a piece on the official opening of the All-Wales coast path.

She said: “It just sounded awesome and it was one of the years when I really fancied an adventure.

“I was inspired to bring a donkey after watching a film where a man rides a horse across the Sahara.

“I have never owned an animal before and a horse would have been too big and a bit scary. It’s also a little bit normal. There was something a little more humble about taking a donkey.”

Hannah’s journey, she admits, is just for fun in one respect, but her passion is UK-based adventures.

She said: “That’s largely because the UK is often overlooked. People don’t often notice what’s on their doorstep and this trip is a bit of a love song to Wales.”

Hannah bought Chico from a donkey dealer in Shropshire, who had bought him from a company which ran seaside donkey rides in Rhyl. But Chico was not cut out for the seaside as he refused to put his hooves on the sand.

She said: “Everybody loves Chico. He’s the star of the show. If he could talk I’d have no job here!

“Everybody is desperately keen for me to keep him after the trip, but he’s only five and I want him to have more adventures.”

The intrepid pair is camping along the way, although they have been put up by generous members of the public who have offered a bed and a field for grazing.

She said: “As it’s started to get colder people are more often inviting me in, which is great. The Pembrokeshire people have been wonderful to me.”

Hannah is raising money for three Welsh charities that have helped her along her journey. They include a community-owned hill farm in Bangor, an architectural volunteering centre for young people at the end of the Llyn Peninsula, and an equine therapy centre near Criccieth.

To track Hannah and Chico’s journey visit www.seasidedonkey.co.uk or www.facebook.com/seasidedonkey