A Pembrokeshire teenager has gone ahead of the crowd by winning £10,000 in a crazy invention competition

Music student Sam Hunter Baxter of Tenby struck the right note with the judges of the wacky challenge by creating a tooth-brushing hat.

“I calculated that on average, people spend 75 days of their life with toothbrush in hand,” said 19-year-old Sam. “The Odd Invention Challenge gave me the chance to share my idea for a gadget to help us use that time more productively.”

The contest, promoted by drinks company Oddka, invited the British public to submit their ideas for glorious gizmos and remarkable devices.

Sam’s creation faced some formidable competition, including a beard-shaped razor, killer heels with built-in house key storage and the Umbrelloo - an umbrella which converts into a personal toilet cubicle.

The oddball entries were short listed by a public vote, with the final nine judged by a panel of innovators and inventers, including Colin Furze, the holder of the Guinness World Record for the fastest mobility scooter.

Sam, who is studying professional musicianship, focusing on guitar, at BIMM Bristol, not only gets the £10,000 first prize but also a working prototype of The Toothbrush Hat, which features mechanical arms equipped with a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Said the proud young inventor: “Winning £10,000 and actually having my invention made is frankly marvellous; plus now I get an extra two-minute lie-in each morning!”