We all love Pembrokeshire and know that it’s a wonderful place to live, with some colourful characters.

So, just for a bit of fun, we came up with twenty-ish things that show you must be from Pembrokeshire.

Got any others (keep them clean, please)?

Feel free to add them in the comments below.

• You inadvertently squeak with excitement when you get 3G.

• You will fight about whether Clynderwen has a 'y' or a 'u'.

• Any letter addressed to ‘Dyfed’ prompts fury.

• You know some people by their farm name, not surname.

• Looking at every other beach in the world and thinking ‘ours are better’.

• Nothing annoys you more than the TV weather presenter standing in front of west Wales.

• Every traffic jam being blamed on ‘grockles’.

• Being horrified at having to pay more than 30p for car parking.

• Still being in awe of the fact that we have a Marks & Spencer. And a Next!

• When you were 16 you worked at a theme park.

• Giggling when Derek mentions the Pembrokeshire dangler.

• Knowing what ‘kift’ means and what ‘manny-gannys’ and ‘pennysows’ are.

• Begrudging the 75p Cleddau Bridge toll EVERY time.

• Saying Bryn Parry-Jones is paid too much (and more than the PM)

• Telling people that Batman is from Haverfordwest, because he is.

• Talking to someone for the first time and they say “Ooh I know your mum/dad/gran”.

• You hear one rumour a month about a KFC opening.

• Explaining where you live by saying ‘have you heard of Tenby?’

• Being related to someone who works at an oil refinery.

• You know who the ‘long necks’ and ‘fish heads’ are.

• You hate the fact that things never change but love the fact that things never change.