Pembrokeshire Green Party announced its parliamentary candidates at its first ever public meeting last week.

Frances Bryant will stand as the Green candidate for Preseli Pembrokeshire next May. She said:

"The Green Party has tripled its membership here in Pembrokeshire within the past year alone and now has a vibrant and active local group. I believe that voters are coming to the Greens in such numbers because they can see very clearly with the current government where the socially catastrophic policies of austerity and climate change denial are leading the country.

"The Green Party is a progressive party with the emphasis on the common good both socially and environmentally. This contrasts with the policies of other parties who follow policies which benefit multinational companies and the top 1% of earners at the expense of everyone else.

Gary Tapley, the candidate for Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire, said that he realises the Green Party is perceived as "radical" to some, but that the party has extremely well-developed policies. He sees his role as ensuring that there is a smooth transition between where we are now and the more sustainable, social, environmental and economic future that the Green Party has to offer.

The Green Party will be producing a fully costed manifesto over the coming few months, which will include scrapping tuition fees, opposing fracking, and investing money in creating jobs and training opportunities for young people.

For more details please contact Jim Scott on 07814089250 or find them on Facebook at Pembrokeshire Green Party | Plaid Werdd Sir Benfro or follow the links on the 'Wales Green Party' website