These were the spectacular sights over the Preseli hills last night as the northern lights put on a fantastic show.

Photographer Gareth Davies, who runs the Hidden Pembrokeshire page on Facebook, captured a series of beautiful images on a clear, cold night.

A solar storm contributed to a display of the Aurora Borealis that reached into unexpected latitudes of both the northern and southern hemispheres.

Gareth said: "I arrived at the top of the Preselis at around 9:30pm. The aurora was only just visible with the naked eye so I set I up my camera and started to capture a few images.

"The sky was clear and the temperature was dropping fast but levelled out at around 2 degrees.

"I had not seen the northern lights before so decided to stay and I'm glad I did! By 11:15pm there was a visible increase in the magnetic field and the view was magical.

"By mnight the peak of the activity had passed and the mountain mist started to roll in."

The Met Office said there could be another chance to see the ‪Aurora Borealis‬ tonight in the UK although this will be mainly in ‪Scotland‬ and Northern ‪‎Ireland‬ and will depend on cloud cover.

Aurora Watch UK provides realtime information and alerts on where the northern lights are likely to be seen over the uk.

The Aurora Watch Uk site can be accessed by clicking here.

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