Around 300 people gathered in Goodwick last Saturday for a community lantern procession along the parrog to Goodwick Community Centre.

The procession was held to celebrate the spring equinox and to showcase the work that local educational theatre company, Theatr Fforwm Cymru.

People from all over Pembrokeshire assembled at Goodwick Scout Hall, they included musicians, stilt-walkers, belly-dancers and fire-jugglers, along with local people who had made lanterns at one of the many community workshops run in the last two weeks.

The lively and celebratory procession was followed by a well-attended performances of music, songs and forum theatre at Goodwick Community Centre.

"It was an absolutely fantastic evening," said community artist Josie Coggins, who directed the lantern procession.

"I was really pleased that the whole community really took it on. People were really ready for it and ready to celebrate the spring and moving forward.

"The workshop process was also important in the build up, with people chatting and getting to know their neighbours.

"People are already asking if it is going to hapen next year. In terms of a community event it is a fantastic thing and can involve everybody. Anybody can make a lantern and next year people who have already made simple lanterns will go on to create amazing stuff."