SLADE Park residents are up in arms over an “out of control” dog mess problem at their local sports field.

Ex-Haverfordwest Town Councillor Steve Evans and his neighbours say owners use the field to exercise their pets but don’t clear up after them.

“It’s getting out of control,” said Steve. “There has been a huge increase in dogs being walked here. Most people aren’t picking their mess up, and when they do bag it they throw the bags down by the hedge. I’ve confronted people but they always say it’s not their dog – despite the fact I watched them doing it.”

Pauline Dalton said she was “sick and tired” of clearing up dog mess and rubbish from the field.

“I have grandchildren that come here and play. Every time they want to do that, I have to check the field first to make sure it’s safe,” she explained. “We would like to have dog mess and rubbish bins here. We don’t mind emptying them and putting the contents out for the bin lorries.”

Steve agreed that bins were required, but felt further steps could be taken.

“Maybe dogs should be banned for the field entirely,” he said.

A PCC spokesperson said: “We will ask the dog wardens to patrol the area and speak to local dog walkers. If anyone has any information about the identity of the offending dog walkers we would ask them to let us know so that the dog wardens can approach them directly.

“It would be difficult to permanently ban dogs from this sport field entirely. Primary legislation relating to this matter has fundamentally changed recently and the implications of this are still being considered.”