'"EVERY damn"County Council service is at risk of cuts' – that is the message from council leader Cllr Jamie Adams.

At Full Council on Thursday (May 14) Cllr Bob Kilmister discussed his Notice of Motion calling for a list of current services under threat from budget cuts to be drawn up and made public.

He wanted to ensure that people were made aware as soon as possible what they faced so communities could start to consider alternative solutions.

Cllr Adams said: “I’ve accused us of not being honest with the public but I’ll reiterate the consistent honest message that we have four years of £12million of savings year on year – a reduced capacity of 24%.”

He said the authority also faced a further £11million savings in the next two years, a reduction of 38% over six years.

“What services are at risk? Every damn one Cllr Kilmister, I can’t be plainer or more honest than that,” said Cllr Adams.

Cllr Kilmister had said that the process of plans being drawn up and going to cabinet meant “nothing’s changed at all in terms of our attitude”.

“Officers tell cabinet what to do and they generally do it. Ordinary councillors and public not worthy enough. After a cabinet debate council have a public consultation exercise, basically after the decision has been taken and there’s not the slightest hope of preventing it,” he added.

Cllr Kilmister said that due to budget cuts it was clear that the current services would be “beyond our financial capability” but felt communities must be given more time to have their say and plan for any changes.

“The public need time to consider if they can take things over. I’m asking this council to be honest with its residents, tell them what services are at risk and when services changes are likely to happen. Communities can then put plans together,” added Cllr Kilmister.

He referred to successful schemes such as Narberth pool and Fishguard’s Theatr Gwaun.

Llangwm member Cllr Michael John, reiterated this point, adding: “Members of the public should know what’s potentially to be cut and they should know a lot sooner.”

Cllr Pat Davies, Fishguard north west, added that further public consultations must not “just be PR exercises” and members should be made aware in advance.

Cllr Adams highlighted the number of consultations already held this year and reassured members they would be kept informed but change to services was "inevitable".

Thirty-five councillors voted against the motion to create a public service cuts list so the motion was not carried - 22 were in favour.