Eco-campaigner Mukti Mitchell, who is sailing around Britain in a hand-built micro yacht, landed in Goodwick harbour last Saturday, albeit without his famous low carbon boat.

Mukti was becalmed in Solva and had to leave behind Chance, a 15 foot zero emissions yacht that he designed and built himself. This was the first hitch in the tour since he set off from his home town of Clovelly nearly two weeks earlier.

However he hopped on a bus and made good his promise to meet the Mayor of Fishguard on the sea front, returning that evening to give a talk on his voyage so far and his approach to low carbon living.

Mutki is travelling around the coast of Britain entirely under natural power.

"The eco yacht is small enough to row but sea worthy enough to go to sea in, so it can go around Britain but it doesn't need an engine," he explained.

Mutki's philosophy encompasses small steps to a low carbon lifestyle. He is encouraging people to first work out how much carbon they emit and then to aim to reduce that by a minimum of 3% per year. He encourages people to ditch the dull stuff they do that emits CO2, for example commutingalone to work.

Goodwick is one of 40 ports visited by Mukti on his circumnavigation of the country and has a special connection for him, as he grew up in nearby Newport.

"I've got very vivid memories of this area," he said. "It's a place that's always held memories for me and I'm very glad to be here again."

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