A Solva county councillor has made a sudden U-turn over comments she made last Thursday calling the council's openness and transparency into question.

Councillor Lyn Jenkins, told an extraordinary council meeting that she had not heard that her local school was under threat of closure the previous Friday, when the agenda was made public.

Proposals to consult on the closure of primary schools in both Solva and St Davids, as well as Ysgol Dewi Sant to make way for a new 3-16 voluntary controlled school on the St Davids peninsula were approved by councillors on Thursday.

"The first the head, the governors, the staff, and myself as the local member knew about the proposals to close was on Friday when the information was put in the public domain," said Cllr Jenkins. "As you can imagine there were shockwaves throughout."

However, on Monday Cllr Jenkins issued a statement, via the council's press office, saying that "there appears to have been some misunderstanding".

She admitted the matter was discussed in full council on July 16 and that she had subsequent dialogue with Director for Children and Schools, Kate Evan-Hughes, over the possible school closure.

"There was a misunderstanding as to whether the proposal was that education would remain on the site of Solva school as part of the proposal of a 3-16 school, or whether it would cease completely in the area. This was the issue I was trying to raise in Council," she said.

"On reflection I realise that my statements may have been misleading."

The director added that she was pleased to meet with Cllr Jenkins last Friday to clarify "what was clearly a misunderstanding around the terminology".

Fellow county councillor Vivien Stoddart accused Cllr Jenkins of making disingenuous remarks and said there could be no "misunderstanding" of the statement made in council on Thursday.

Her request to leader Jamie Adams to issue a rebuttal of Cllr Jenkin's "disingenuous remarks" had not met with a reply.

"Once again the ruling political group are closing ranks, and trying to spin their way out of trouble," she said. "No wonder this council has lost credibility."