YOUNGSTERS enjoying a Christmas party at Pembroke Dock’s Pennar Community School had a dash of unexpected excitement when the school was evacuated following the sounding of fire alarms at the school yesterday afternoon, December 16.
Firefighters from Pembroke Dock were called to the school, arriving shortly after 2.20pm.
The fire was confined to a power supply box used for stage lighting for the party.
Pennar Headmaster Damon McGarvie said: “We were switching on some lights for a Christmas party and the light box just started smoking. The building was evacuated awaiting the all-clear before the children were let back in.
“From my point of view, as Head, the staff followed the right procedure with the building evacuation, and the children were fantastic, leaving safely in the middle of our Christmas party.
“I’m happy with the quick response from the emergency services.”
A school had experienced another small early morning fire back in July, when emergency services has expressed concerns about the “logistical nightmare” of reaching the school due to the amount of cars dropping children off during the school run.
Mr McGarvie said: “There were no problems with the parking today, everybody went out and it was good to go.”
A county council spokesman said the fire was confined to an electrical box behind the stage are.
“It began smoking quite badly and set off the fire alarms,” the spokesman said, adding: “The school was evacuated safely and the fire brigade attended and isolated the box. The children were allowed back into the school but by that time it was virtually time to go home.
“Nobody was injured and there was no damage to property.”