Political parties joined forces today (Saturday), to protest against Stephen Crabb's voting record on welfare issues, and to call for him to step down as patron of learning disability charity Mencap's local branch. 

Plaid, Labour, and the Green Party were in attendance, as well as representatives from disability charities and unions.

Adam Smith, Spokesman for Welsh Green Pride, the party's LGBT arm, said Mr Crabb, the new Work and Pensions Secretary, needed to know that "gay people cannot be cured, it's not an illness it's a way of life".

He said Mr Crabb also needed to accept that many people were suffering because of cuts decided in Westminster, and that Wales was being further deprived as a result.

Dan Lodge, who is standing for Labour in the upcoming Assembly elections, said today was about "Pembrokeshire coming together to give a strong message that Tory cuts are hurting local people".

He said the government had shown its "true colours" by cutting support to the most vulnerable in society

He said Mr Crabb "should be ashamed of voting through ESA cuts" and called for him to resign as patron of Mencap Pembrokeshire.

Mary Williams, of Unite Community Wales, said Mr Crabb's backing of benefit cuts while maintaining his position as patron demonstrated "unbelievable hypocrisy".

"There has never been a more cruel system than benefit sanctions," she said.

"This government is driving people into poverty, forcing them to turn to food bank and making them unsure unnecessary stress."

Around 40 protesters have gathered in the rain in Haverfordwest.

A petition calling for Mr Crabb to resign from his patron post has had more than 12,000 signatures. Click here to sign.

Jim Scott, organiser, questioned how Mr Crabb could face his constituents after voting for 'every single cut' that would impact disabled people.

He said the human consequences of what Mr Crabb has voted for are destitution and rocketing child poverty figures.

Mr Scott slammed 'punishment' of disabled people and low wage or zero hour workers.

"It's not enough for them (Tories) to have taken everything they can from disabled people, they have to force them into absolute desperation," he said.

"It's disgusting.

"Government's job is to look after the people and they have failed."

There were cries of 'Crabb says cut back, we say fight back'.

Romayne Phoenix, National Co-Chair of The People’s Assembly said: “With Iain Duncan Smith’s resignation and the government forced to backtrack on Osborne’s disastrous budget, there are many more British people now recognising the hypocrisy of having Tory patrons of these disability charities & charities which focus on care. The pressure is on - and Crabb's appointment looks to have been a mistake made in a hurry that the `Tories will regret for a long time.”