A lorry has hit the Merlins Bridge railway bridge this afternoon (Tuesday) closing the road between Johnston and Haverfordwest for around two hours.

The lorry was heading into Haverfordwest at the time of the collision.

Police and recovery vehicles were at the scene.

It is understood that the bridge height warning signs erected on Pope Hill, leaving Johnston towards Haverfordwest, are not working.

The collision happened at about 12pm. No-one was hurt.

The Western Telegraph has been told the driver went to Johnston with full load on, unloaded, and returned. On the return journey the lorry was then slightly too high for the gap.

The camber of the road is also understood to be slightly higher on way back into town.

Rail track have been informed to examine the bridge.

Diversions through Old Hakin Road and Freystrop road were set up, while the main A4076 between Haverfordwest and Johnston was closed.

It has since re-opened.

Fire, police and South Wales Trunk Road Agency personnel all attended.